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  1. It’s unusual and special to find a gem where nature and culture have not been subsumed by boundless development and serious environmental problems. Certain islands in the tropics have been victims of their own success, and now their governments are trying to figure out ways to combat excessive air pollution, degradation of seas and reefs, and deforestation. On the other hand, upscale destinations, such as Hydra island in Greece, which have stuck to their policies of protecting the environment (and in Hydra’s case, staying car free), have seen a surge in popularity. That is because the eco-tourist and the upscale tourist are not seeking crowded destinations which feel overrun, but are looking for the “unspoiled.” You have a treasure here, and I commend you for working to preserve the beauty and purity of your home.
    Laura Albritton
    Island Runaways travel blog

  2. Hog Key

    Hog key was given to the children of Samuel Kirkconnell and his wife Francis Susanna Kirkconnell Haylock.
    It was intrusted to Samuel Kirkconnell for his heirs. IMHO, It was a wedding gift.

  3. This paradise island reminds me of my own country, the Philippines – specially the islands of Palawan and Boracay. Guanaja’s beaches are beautiful and the greens of the mountains, really a sight to behold. I would really love to visit one day. I hope this place gets to preserve its beauty and does not get ruined by too much commercialization.

  4. I lived in the island when I was a little girl. I still remember walking everywhere and canoeing around. There was no crime, people were friendly and help each other. I loved the afternoons because of the baking. The waters were boiling with fish, huge schools of shrimp would surround you, and lobsters was a staple food on everyone’s table. The smell of coconut bread and sweet pastries still taunt my dreams of these wonderful days of my life. I totally agree that this ecocystem has to be legally protected. Over tourism is a big problem. Just look to Belize! Not close to what it used to be! I totally support this initiative.

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