Save Demsen Watler Cay from Illegal Takeover!

The Watler Family is asking for our island community supporters to help keep a piece of the island that Demsen Watler cared and gave so much for rightfully in his name.
Our family has paid taxes on this land for decades and was told upon recent payment submission that the ownership was now in question simply because someone else wants it after various failed attempts to purchase it!

A man that gave so much to this island should not have a piece of that island , that he created, stolen from him.

By signing this petition we are asking for acknowledgment from the current administration and the corporation members of the following: 1- Acknowledge that the cay is and always has been recognize as being owned by Demsen Watler (we have proof of collected taxes and an approved permit) 2- Acknowledge that irregularities occurred during a previous term with the paperwork, which went unknown for over a decade, will be investigated and corrected. 3-Proceed to correctly register this land under correct ownership (Demsen & Angelina Watler/Family Representatives) with the Honduras Government.

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