Elizabeth J. Hyde Island Family Trees

All persons interested In the Hyde-Bodden/Borden, Phillips-James W.Watler,Dighten Rivers,Mary Bell Vaughn (Gram Min)William M.Kirkconnell, Sir.Stephen Sturt,Mary Elizabeth Bodden, James McCoy,Crockett,Janet McFarge-Yates,Rachael Ebanks,Janet Graham of Jamaica registry.Died in Cayman in 1899.Along the way these Roots have Bloom into Many Smaller&Bigger Trees

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    1. Tommy yes Your Grandma Eleanor Phillips was His Grandchild Josephine Child.She belong to Virginia Sturt&George Greenwood.

    2. Tommy Your Mom have Roots from Her and My Phillips-Rivers.Also from My Dad Leif Otto Hyde Borden. THROUGH THE Sturts. VIRGINIA WAS ELEANOR Phillips GREENWOOD

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