Bonacca, Spaniards and Cacao by Alfonso B. Ebanks

It was a bright Wednesday morning when Capt. Pedro de Ledesma piloted the warship Vizacaino near to the shoals of an island that lay about 12 leagues form the mountainous land that lay behind it to the south.
The Great Captain the Admiral was ill so Ledesma ordered a lesser captain to take a boat and row to the nearby shore and explore the land for water and provisions, Diego volunteered to go in another boat.
Upon landing they were greeted by friendly natives and especially by one that called himself IMBIBE. The first named Bonakian.
Them Bonakians always had a way with words or signs or something because even though he had never seen a white man or heard a word of Spanish ever before, IMBIBE became the translator.
When the natives found out that Great Captain was ill they send to him a brew to repair his body and at the same time lift his spirit. It was chocolate.
Three things happened here that day.. Bonacca was the first place in Central America touched by Spaniards, it was discovered by Christopher Columbus himself and it was here that the first European tasted chocolate…….You’d say not a big deal but after more than 511 years Bonacca is still famous for cacao and even have a European Chocolate named Guanaja in honor of that day so long ago.

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